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What is Uni2Biz?

Uni2Biz logoUni2Biz is a unique international web-platform which is developed and maintained by students, young graduates and scientists under the supervision of teachers and business experts.

The main goal of Uni2Biz is to prepare students and recent graduates for their professional life and to give them an access to business. Thus, Uni2Biz is intended to be a "bridge" between students and business.

Each student will have a possibility to express herself/himself. Students will work within a model of simulated life-size business. It will be a space, where all necessary for success skills will be combined. Work will be held with different students from different departments in small coordinated entities.

There will be created a web-site, which will serve as a platform where student and employers will be able to find each other.

Uni2Biz will be used for training and will serve many purposes:
- A simulation of business environment;
- A connection between participants and their future employer;
- The experience of business English usage;
- A platform where one can obtain practical knowledge, useful in future work;
- A platform for expressing one's creative way of thinking/approach;
- The possibility of international business integration;
- A platform for developing the sense of corporate responsibility, quick wit, open-minded way of thinking and many other vital business skills;
- And many other possibilities during the Project development.

The possibilities of development are endless.

Everything depends on the participants' creativity and actual needs. Uni2Biz is an international project and is held in several countries, so one can have the ability to integrate into worldwide business.

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Project «Uni2biz» is your experience today and success tomorrow!

What will I learn in Uni2Biz?