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Once Upon a Time in a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Oh! Sorry! :)

I am impatient to tell you the latest news of our Project Uni2Biz! 4 months ago in National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine in Dnepropetrovsk we launched a unique program, a real-life business simulator. There are no similar student training programs in Ukraine!

You can get the best marks at university but if you cannot apply them to real life, their value is zero! Have you ever used your professional skills taught in university in practice?

That’s why we started Uni2Biz - a great project where you can practice and show the world what you are capable of! Also this is a place where you can learn the highest business standards in work, new way of thinking and achieve personal growth. In Uni2Biz heart lays the cooperation between students and IT experts of the international level.


Uni2Biz flyer

From the 10th of July we started a promotion; its goal is to attract talents! It’s so fun to involve newcomers and make new friends. Our “family” has really great time every Wednesday at 14:30. Our NMetAU headquarters, room 250, is the place where step-by-step we build our project, sharpen our professional skills, get new experience and deepen knowledge in different IT-subjects and, of course, have fun :)!

There are 2 types of people: those who use time for action and those who waste time! If you don’t want to waste your time, join us! We will teach you how to use your time and benefit from what you do in life!

Many students and teachers have already joined Uni2Biz and now it’s YOU who has a unique opportunity to become a part of our team!

Don’t miss your chance!

Joining Uni2Biz is easy:

Get registered on Uni2Biz Forums

Tell us about yourself and we will help you find a role in Uni2Biz that will fit you the best!