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A bloody photo shoot with Uni2Biz

Uni2BNMetAu studentsiz International Student Project team held the anniversary meeting №100 on the eve of Halloween, on October, 30 2013.

Halloween is a holiday that dates back to the ancient Celts of Ireland and Scotland. Its history began on the territory of modern Britain and Northern Ireland. This tradition has reached us not so long ago, and now its popularity is growing.

Uni2Biz marketing and coordinators teams found pumpkins, spiders, worms, candles, and other Halloween stuff to decorate Uni2Biz work session №100. We put lighted candle inside carved pumpkins, a HalloweAndroid applicationen symbol called jack-o'-lantern (pumpkins with carved sinister smiles and scary faces).

At Uni2Biz anniversary meeting №100 Java programmers presented Android mobile application, Uni2Biz Calendar, which will help Uni2Biz members and everyone who wishes follow Uni2Biz events, moderators will be able to manage and update events, application users and subscribers will communicate in Uni2Biz chat from their Android mobile devices. Uni2Biz designers modify the design of this Android application. After a series of tests, Uni2Biz Calendar will be available for download from Uni2Biz website.

We had to set jack-o’-lantern on window sills to keep the harmful spirits and lazy students out of our computer room. Our pumpkins frightened all wicked spirits and lazy students!


halloween celebration








Our terrible marketing team finished discussions and preparations for job fairs in Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology, Dnipropetrovsk national university named after Oles Honchar, National metallurgical academy of Ukraine and went out in the street to search victims for a bloody photo shoot. NMetAU students were not afraid to participate, so they sacrificed their faces for photos.DNU

Uni2Biz photographers jentoo and Arina Dime made a bloody terrible photo shoot following the best traditions of Halloween.

Halloween trick-or-treat sweets completed Uni2biz anniversary meeting №100.

You can find the photo report from Uni2Biz anniversary work session here.

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