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How to get work experience in marketing

Viktoria ZelenskayaMy name is Victoria. I study at Alfred Nobel University (Dnepropetrovsk). I am a member of  Uni2Biz marketing team and I want to tell you how I became a part of Uni2Biz project.

To start let’s see what Uni2Biz is. Uni2Biz is an international web-based platform started by CY.TALK SWITZERLAND and National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine in Dnepropetrovsk. Uni2Biz lets students and graduates drill practical skills and gain first work experience.

When I learned new about Uni2Biz, I found Uni2Biz web-site and saw a magic link. Immediately I clicked on this link, registered on Uni2Biz forum and got a test task for marketers. I completed the test and then received an invitation to a Uni2Biz meeting.

When I came to the Uni2Biz meeting, I met a lot of people who were interested in gaining practical skills in IT industry. Uni2Biz members work according to a areal business model and have an opportunity to express themselves in multiple ways. Uni2Biz is the space combining all skills necessary for success. Work is held with students of different specialties in small coordinated groups.

Marketing group includes such roles as:

- the Online marketer creates content, promotes the brand on the Internet, analyzes and plans marketing campaigns.

- the Blogger takes care of the Uni2Biz blog, publishes news about Uni2Biz and articles about professional growth.

- the Translator helps consumers understand the essence of the product in their country. Uni2Biz working languages are Russian, Ukrainian and English.

The main goal of the marketing team is promotion of Uni2Biz brand. It includes attracting of new members to Uni2Biz project. We achieve this goal through the sales funnel. A student sees an advertising about Uni2Biz on the Internet, at the university or learns about it from friends, then he visits Uni2Biz site, passes a test and joins Uni2Biz team. In our case gaining a new participant equals a completed sale.

The second important goal of the marketing team is making buzz about news and events that take place inUni2Biz. It helps create and maintain the image of our project.

Uni2Biz team achieves this goal by using a set of tools:

- Uni2Biz official site (in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages), which provides full information on Uni2Biz.

- Blogs in two languages: English and Russian.

- Social networks Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Google+. They help us contact our target audience, where we  find new active participants of Uni2Biz.

Uni2Biz marketing team works closely with all other teams. When we work on creation of web-site or design update, a team of programmers join us. First, designers create the concept of the site. Then programmers develop it. Finally, the marketing team promotes the site on the Internet through social networking, email-marketing and blogs.

After having completed your internship in Uni2Biz you will be able to:

- Maintain blogs,

- Create email-marketing campaigns,

- Manage company profiles in social networks,

- Translate advertising, optimize translation for search engines,

- Make the localization of software and websites,

- Analyze the target audience on the Internet,

- Promote company’s web-site on the Internet,

- Carry out marketing campaigns on the Internet.

If you are interested in our project, you can register on Uni2Biz site, then pass a test and join our team.

We look forward to seeing you in Uni2Biz marketing team!