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Uni2Biz launches Fall meetings 2012

Uni2Biz International students project invites students, graduates and young scientists to participate in the work of the real business simulator.

u2b opens fall sessions

Uni2Biz platform is a place where you have an opportunity to:

•    try yourself in various occupations in IT;
•    obtain your first experience in a real job;
•    acquire skills that will be useful in your future work;
•    develop the sense of corporate responsibility, quick wit, open-minded way of thinking and many other vital business skills;

Roles available in Uni2Biz:
•    developers/coders (PHP, Java, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS, HTML, DHTML, C/C++, SQL ...);
•    designers;
•    translators
•    project managers
•    journalists
•    marketers
•    art professions ( painting, music, poetry, etc.);
•    photographers;
•    testers.

The first Uni2Biz fall meeting will be held on 12 September 2012, at 14:30.

Address: Room 250, the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, 4, Gagarina Avenue, Dnepropetrovsk

Uni2Biz is a voluntary project and participation in it is free.

To get started you should sign up at Uni2Biz forums or call: +380 63 627 29 14