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How my dream about a real first job became true?

Изображение JPEGWhat’s the chance to find a job for graduate in Ukraine?

When studentship comes to its end, you begin to think about a job and what it should be. I think my job should be stable making me sure of my future, and give me development possibilities. I want the company where I will work to appreciate my hard work. I’d like to improve the quality of my life.

In winter I was preparing for graduating from two specialities: heating engineer and economic cybernetics, and at that time I’ve already began to search for a vacancy and send my resume to different companies. But I did not have any experience which was very disappointing. I hoped to find a solution to this problem at a career day in the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine (NMetAU) where I study. Dnepropetrovsk plants and firms informed the graduating about their requirements and invited to work after graduation.

I inquired for some vacancies for heating engineers, but it turned out that nobody needs graduates from NMetAU Heating engineering department. My last hope was my second speciality. Then I learnt about Uni2Biz project and CY.TALK SWITZERLAND. I filled in an application form and after a couple of days I received a designer test task. Unfortunately, I could not do it; I reported about it, and was sure that it’s the end. But to my surprise, I was invited to Uni2Biz project, where I was offered to learn HTML and design basics, and after that to try again to do the test task. The first idea that strokes me was about the cost of training. I got used, to that fact that nobody helps anyone for free. But it turned out that the internship in Uni2Biz is for free. The only requirement was to work hard and want to learn and work.

After 2 months I was able to do the test task and got on a started my internship in a friendly CY.TALK SWITZERLAND team. And it was paid! I understood how the European company organizes work and what advantages it gives, if in future I will want to work outside Ukraine. Since then I wake up in the morning and I desire to go to work! Do you?

Students as myself distribute leaflets in the streets, work as couriers, waiters and in call-centers which doesn’t require high qualification. I am surprised that they waste time doing it, while they can find a good job simply by making an effort. Many possibilities in their life pass by them because they do not try to use them or do not see them at all.

You don’t want to go that way, do you?

You are given a possibility not to waste time on useless things and get a real first job. Make first step to your job by registering on Uni2Biz forums. Perhaps by losing this chance you will miss a lot in your life, without even knowing what you could have achieved!