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What does the perfect translator CV look like?

Perfect translator CVDid you know that Leonardo Da Vinci wrote the first CV 500 years ago? You can be the best painter, philosopher or writer in the world, but you still have to convince someone to pay you for it and you can reach this goal only by writing a perfect CV.

We have gathered some tips for translators to help them create a perfect CV.



biggest weaknessInterview. You arrived on time. Everything is going well. You're making excellent eye contact and you're acing every question that's being thrown at you. You've got this job in the bag, until you hear the interviewer utter: “What’s your biggest weakness?” You know you shouldn't answer too quickly, so you take your time and then suddenly realise you're not sure how to answer. You may be tempted to blurt out, “I have no weaknesses,” and hope to illustrate your confidence in your abilities, but we all know (and your soon-to-be boss will too) that that's a lie. Since you can't opt for a pass as you would on a game show, here are five strong techniques to answer the popular interview question: "What's your biggest weakness?"


Guide to successful job interview

An invitation to an interview means that an employer believes you have the potential to do the job and it is your chance to convince the recruiter that you are the right person. This is your chance to back up everything the employer has read about you in your CV and cover letter, which cannot secure you a job on their own. Interviews can be an extremely daunting and nerve-racking experience and although unfair, but true, first impressions are immensely important and the initial seconds of the interview can determine how you are judged!!

So... how can you guarantee a good interview, sell yourself in the best way and be successful?