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U2B success story: mobile developers

success-storyU2B intern Max graduated with the degree in applied mathematics from  Dnepropetrovsk National University. Egor - in information networks and communications from State University of Information and Communication Technologies.

Max and Egor learned about Uni2Biz internship from different sources. Yegor was invited to u2b by his classmate, and Max found an advertisement for an internship on some job site when was looking for a job for a junior developer.

The boys share their Uni2Biz experience.

To enrol in Uni2Biz each participant must do a test task. For the guys, the test task was a check of knowledge that they received over the years of study in the universities. They had to understand how to the logic worked, implement multithreading and use regular expressions, make sure that the result could work through the Internet. The task was difficult but very challenging.

During the internship, a mentor guided the guys. Interns learned a lot and gained practical skills in mobile apps development. They implemented login via social networks, tried to work with Google technologies and implemented a lot of features.

Due to their enthusiasm, love for what they do and perseverance, they completed the training successfully. The invitation to work as mobile developers was a deserved and very pleasant surprise for them.

The guys would like recommend new Uni2Biz interns to approach the tasks with enthusiasm, to love what they do and make every effort for the professional development.