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Students of Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology discovered how to find a job they would love

ughtu2013 On November, 14 2013 Uni2Biz International Students’ Project participated in the first job fair in universities this academic year.

The presentation took place in Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology during the job fair “XXI century Specialist”.
This University is a partner with Uni2Biz since 2013.

Alexander Pivovarov, the University’ rector, opened the meeting with a welcome speech. He told about the University progress. He expresses their wish to establish cooperation with Ukraine’s chemical companies. It was nice to hear that foreign companies had interest in hiring the graduates of Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology; Russian companies want to find new specialists among its graduates. It shows the high level of specialized training.

Successful jobAlexander Pivovarov thanked Dmitry Firtash, a well-known Ukrainian businessman and major investor, founder of Group DF, for sponsoring the University. Mr. Firtash gave a push to other Ukrainian businessmen: now they are thinking about future generation of young specialists.
After the rector’s greeting the companies could meet and talk to students in a friendly atmosphere.
Uni2Biz team visited the faculty of biotechnology, computer science and engineering. Representatives of different companies announced their job offers and requirements to employees. Uni2Biz coordinators told the students about opportunities offered by our project:
•    possibility to get training in a international company;
•    get career advice & guidance from  experienced specialists;
•    get first job experience, which is necessary to start a career;
•    get a real job, on condition of active and efficient participation in the project.
After the presentation of Uni2Biz training opportunities, we took our time talking to students and answering their questions. We were surprised as there were very few questions. We thought that a young person looking for a job will bombard his potential employer with questions! So our team decided to clear up the situation.

Dnepropetrovsk studentsUkrainian State University of Chemical Technology

It turned out that some students have already decided where they will be trained. It is useful to participate in International Projects such as Uni2Biz, because of the valuable experience shared by foreign specialists. Many students told us the truth: they dislike their profession and they don’t want to work in this sphere. Why did it happen?

While being a student you should learn more about your future profession to know all the pros and cons. You should not pay attention only to its prestige. You have to love your job - it’s a main point.
Of course it is difficult to find a favorite profession at first, but it is real. Only think: we spent a third of our life at work, so we have to enjoy it.
Internship DnepropetrovskFuture jobUni2Biz Project Dnepropetrovsk

The choice of the profession is quite a serious matter, so you should approach it with full responsibility:
•    remember about your personal interests;
•    evaluate your skills;
•    check if you have all qualities required for the chosen profession;
•    learn more about other professions.

If you are interested in information technologies and you are looking for the ways to explore your talent, we invite you for an internship in Uni2Biz International Students’ Project.

There are following roles in Uni2Biz:
•    programming (PHP, Java, C/C++, ...)
•    web-design, printing design
•    online marketing
•    SEO website optimization
•    copywriting
•    web translation (English, French, Spanish, German,
Ukrainian, Russian)internship with Uni2Biz
•    journalism, blogging
•    creative jobs: artists, musicians, flash - animators, poets, writers

To enroll to Uni2Biz International Students’ Project:
•    register on our forum
•     download and do designer, developer or translator test (for other roles you have to pass an interview).
Thus we will be able see from what point you will start your participating in Uni2Biz and what will be your role.

Photo-report from the event is here.

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