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Uni2Biz and NMETAU: Over 100 work sessions and many success stories

career_day_NMetAUOn December 5, 2013 Uni2Biz members participated in Career Day in National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine (NMetAU). Uni2Biz was launched in 2011 in NMetAU. The academy is the main place where Uni2Biz holds weekly meetings.

Uni2Biz is an international web platform started by 3Wmake and NMetAU in Dnepropetrovsk. It is developed and maintained by students, young graduates and scientists under the supervision of professors and IT–experts.

Uni2biz project is a partner with NMetAU Career and Employability Centre. It enables students and professors to take part in international seminars and exchange experience with foreign colleagues.

The main goal of Uni2Biz is to prepare students and graduates for a career in form of training. Uni2Biz is a business simulator which allows students to work in real business environment and see the whole business process: from brand concept creation to its implementation and promotion.

Uni2Biz is a place where students can practice what they learnt during studies at a university. Anybody can join Uni2Biz team and choose the job he or she would like to try. Due to a large variety of tasks Uni2Biz is a good opportunity to try forces and implement ideas.

Uni2Biz reached such milestones:
•    We built, maintain and develop a platform connecting students to business
•    English and Russian blogs were launched to deliver news about Uni2Biz
•    Uni2Biz forums
•    Mobile applications to track events held by Uni2Biz
•    Many more are in development

Over 100 work sessions were held in the premises the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine and over 15 in Dnepropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport named after academician V. Lazaryan.
Success stories of many students started in Uni2Biz resulting in 52 students have successfully found steady jobs.




Photo-report from the Career Day in NMetAU is here.

Uni2Biz training includes a series of work sessions during which students or graduates can drill skills necessary for successful career start in:
- programming (web, java, c/c++)
- web-design, printing design
- online marketing
- SEO-optimization
- copywriting
- translation (English, French, Spanish, Germany)
- journalism, blogging

To become a Uni2Biz member you should have basic knowledge of professions mentioned above.

If you pass training successfully you might get a good job.

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