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Dream job of architect students

Career-day_Uni2BizOn February 28, 2014 Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture (PSACEA) held the third Students’ Job Fair – 2014 which became a good tradition in in Dnepropetrovsk. Uni2Biz International students’ project took part in this event.

Goal-oriented and self-motivated students who seek for a job are the main audience of job fairs.

Uni2Biz banner attracted students’ attention. Web-designer training is one of possibilities that surprised students. Web design makes a part of graphic design. In fact, you should know basics of graphic design if you want to become a good web-designer. Students are being trained in basics and standards in universities during 5 to 6 years.

Uni2Biz provides an opportunity to take internship in graphic design. Graphic design can be used in such spheres as newspaper design, magazine design, book design, poster design, fonts (their creation), corporate style, advertising (outdoor, printed, exhibitions and exhibition stands, etc.). Therefore graphic design is a versatile area and all works in this area are created according to industry standards.

Differences between web design and graphic design are mostly technical. Actually, it is applied to all types of graphic design. For example, a polygraphist can’t design exhibition stands or outdoor advertising without knowing of technical features applied to these spheres. For a web-designer to create perfect printing products the knowledge of processes or color separation is necessary.
What special is there about the web-designer’s job? A web-designer builds graphic interfaces. Work of web-designer is very versatile.

Dual professions: perspective
A designer must create an easy, fast and clear to use website. A web-designer should structure an interface to make it logical and nice looking.

To produce user-friendly software, web-designer must understand how the web and a computer work. A designer should create such an architecture so that a coder and a programmer could develop the site and after that the user could see website on any device.

More over a web-designer should remember that the main goal of a website is to convert a visitor into customer.

An artist draws a painting making ita finished product. And he puts his soul in it, noone can change it. A designer draws for other people and he must think thoroughly, he listens to criticism to  make  his work perfect.

During an internship in Uni2Biz designers will:
•     learn how visualize ideas;
•     learn main web-design standards;
•    lean to design quality graphic interfaces;
•     drill marketing skills;
•    participate in multicultural work;
•     design postcards, banners, leaflets, social media images and other types of advertising materials.

If you want to become a designer you should:
•    register on our forum;
•    download and do the designer test.
Thus we will be able see from what point you will start your training in Uni2Biz.