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Uni2Biz Presentation in Alfred Nobel University

uni2biz-presentationOn February 24, 2015 the president of CY.TALK SWITZERLAND (Switzerland) and founder of Uni2Biz Yan Guerrovich visited Alfred Nobel University in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Mr. Guerrovich discussed with prospecting programmers their goals and plans for professional life. He gave students lots of advice. Mr. Guerrovich explained them how to understand what profession is the best and how to start a successful career while at the university.

The students of Economic Cybernetics faculty were really interested in Uni2Biz internship; they asked a lot of questions about job and information technologies. Mr.Guerrovich described the possibilities offered by Uni2Biz. "There are people who create events, there are people who are watching what is happening, and there are people who wonder what has happened.uni2biz-presentation

There is greatnews for DUEP students! Since March 2015 Uni2Biz plans to hold work meetings at Alfred Nobel University. We’ll publish dates and time on Uni2Biz site.

To join Uni2Biz you should register on Uni2Biz forums, complete the test or pass an interview.

Your friends are welcome in Uni2Biz too!

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