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What will I learn in Uni2Biz?

Uni2Biz is an international platform which offers a variety of educational and business possibilities for university students and graduates.

If you are:
- young and active,
- serious and responsible,
- self-motivated and goal-oriented,
- communicative,
then Uni2Biz is for you!

Roles available in Uni2Biz:
-сode writer (PHP, Java, C/C++)
-сontent provider
-design & graphics
-marketing & sales

With Uni2Biz you will:
- have career advice & guidance
- master skills & tools necessary for a successful career in IT
- learn to work in coordinated teams & departments
- learn from international IT experts
- be exposed to things you never imagined
- have endless opportunities of professional and personal growth

The U2B platform will be used for training and will serve many purposes:
- A simulation of business environment;
- A connection between participants and their future employer;
- The experience of business English usage;
- A platform where one can obtain practical knowledge, useful in future work;
- A platform for expressing one's creative way of thinking/approach;
- The possibility of international business integration;
- A platform for developing the sense of corporate responsibility, quick wit, open-minded way of thinking and many other vital business skills;
- And many other possibilities during Uni2Biz development.

Uni2Biz is a way to your future success through experience!

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What is Uni2Biz?

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